This used to be an up-todate link page for amateur radio related and other stuff.
Maintenance is time comsuming, due to links changing, pages disappearing etc, so I have skipped it, and will NOT update any links. In fact I just deleted more than half of the previous links. Use Google if you need some particular info about something.

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 Radio modification:
Mods for most finnish commercial radios
Swedish QRP pages
All sorts of very good QRP-links!
Finnish pages about the 10 W SSB xcvr
  Speaky, 5b QRP-xcvr, DL A German QRP all band HF transceiver
  Smart DDS VFO-project Swedish DDS project, interesting
Other electronics:
Make your own one-wire thermometer Finnish
Electron tubes, sockets, HV-capacitors...
  OH2NLT projektisivut Juha's project pages, very interesting
as measured by OH7SV Matti